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Welcome to the Queens University of Belfast Motor Club. QUBMC is committed to helping students find their way in the sometimes confusing world of motorsport in Northern Ireland. If you plan to compete we will point you towards the entry level motorsport events that take place across the country. There is an event almost every weekend for you to take part in with your standard road car. Or if you see yourself as an event organiser the club run an autotest, a night navigation rally and a lanes rally during the year for you to help out on and learn the ropes.

Along with our motorsport activities there is a strong social scene within the club and events are organised for every Tuesday night throughout both university semesters. We meet in the Ashby building on the Stranmillis road.

QUBMC is registered with the MSA, and its regional Association in Northern Ireland the ANICC.

Although we are a Queens University club we are very happy to accept non Queens students. If you are in Belfast and have a passion for motorsport come and join in the fun!

Keep an eye on qubmc.com for club news.

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The 2014 Jumping Jack Rally final instructions 1 are now available to download(pdf).

The 2014 Jumping Jack Rally regs and entry form are now available to download(pdf).

Join the QUBMC Facebook group to see what we are up to and get involved.